+++ China Mobile International invests in BtoBE submarine cable +++
+++ ARCOS filed application to add landing point +++
+++ NEC bags BSNL contract for undersea cable between Chennai & Port Blair +++
+++ Basslink is back after two-month outage +++
+++ EuroAsia Interconnector secures land permit for HVDC converter station in Cyprus +++
+++ Construction of electricity cable to Morocco envisaged starting in 2018 +++
+++ Hornsea Offshore Wind Farms – Export Cable Open Trenches +++
+++ EOWDC Final Turbine Installed, Cable Set Up Nears Completion +++
+++ Merkur Produces First Electricity +++
+++ MPS Completes PowerBuoy Commissioning +++
+++ Blue Shark Power System unveils Djibouti tidal energy plans +++
+++ Hydro Group Secures Work on World’s First ‘Carbon-Free Island’ +++
+++ Sabella rides tidal wave headed for Australia +++
+++ SINN Power Set for Wave Energy Converter Installation in Greece +++
+++ Galway Bay Subsea Observatory Comes Out for Overhaul +++

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