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www.SubCableNews.com is a unique Newsletter for the whole industry involved in the submarine cable market.

www.SubCableNews.com is supplying latest facts and comprehensive information about current and future projects and companies in this industry.

www.SubCableNews.com offers you the opportunity to be informed about worldwide submarine cable ventures together with insider information and summarised press releases and publications.

targets the whole submarine cable community

  •  State owned and private Telecommunication Companies and Carriers
  •  Submarine Cable Manufactures
  •  Transmission Equipment and Accessories Provider
  •  Survey Companies
  •  Shore-end Contractors
  •  Installation and Maintenance Companies
  •  ROV Companies
  •  Diving Contractors
  •  Cable Laying Equipment Providers
  •  Shipping Companies
  •  Offshore Oil & Gas industry
  •  Recruitment Companies
  • Offshore Wind Farm Developers/Owners
  • Tidal & Wave Energy Farm Developers/Owners
  • Consultants
  • Government Institutions
  • Research and Scientific Organisations
  • Fishing Organisations, Federations & Unions
  • Submarine Cable Protection Committees
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Venture Capital Companies
  • Market Analysts
  • Conference Organisations
  • And all other Associations, Institutions and Societies connected
    to the submarine cable business

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… a „must“ for everyone associated with this field.
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